Regulatory control of electrical installations ( APE)

Prior to ensure protection of peoples, properties and environment, we support our customers throughout the life cycle of their installations and equipments to check the conformity of their electrical installation.

Oasis Petroleum services (OPS)
Offers large range of inspection, control, testing and technical support services such as:
- Inspection and regulatory control of LV, HV electrical installations in a periodic preventive framework or callout request from customer.
- Delivery certificates and attestations of compliance as per safety & quality control standards of electrical installations, instrumentation equipment. 
- Examination, verification and validation of basic and detailed studies of various industrial projects.
- Supervision of electrical / instrumentation work in progress
- Assistance with FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) factory acceptance according to international standards and norms.
- Assistance with the reception and commissioning of the electrical / instrumentation installations on the customer's site SAT (Site Acceptance Test).
- Assistance in the technical control of preventive maintenance shutdowns of industrial installations.