Meetring solution services (Laboratory calibration)

Oasis Petroleum Services is able to carry out in the laboratory and on site (Refineries, CPFs and power plants) the calibration and verification of the following measurement parameters:

1-Mass & Weigh: Industrial weighing machine, precision of electrical weigh instrument,… etc.

2-Pressure: Manometer, pressure transmitter, pressure switch, pressure switch, PRV, etc.

3-Temperature: thermometer, digital thermometer, probe, regulator, measuring chain, oven,… etc.

4-Torque & Force: Torque wrench (on-site calibration available).

5-Flow: control, verification and calibration of flow-meters on site.

6- Electricity: Assistance with the pre-reception and commissioning of electrical installations / instrumentation on the customer's site SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

Calibration involves comparing the values ​​measured by the device being calibrated with that of a reference device (also called a standard) under specific conditions. Other important aspects of calibration include documenting the recorded deviation between the measuring device and the reference device, calculating the resulting measurement uncertainty, and creating the calibration certificate specifying this uncertainly.